Review: Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

I have recently been getting really into Asian beauty products. It seems like they just have gorgeous flawless skin most of the time. I know that has a lot to do with genetics and diet, but I think it also is due to the products they use and the routines that are practiced is Asian countries. I had been taught the cleanse, tone, and moisturize method which is only those three steps. In many countries like Japan and Korea, girls are taught beauty routines that may contain up to 10 or even more steps! They have a serum, cream, lotion, or potion for just about everything you can imagine.

One of the things I have heard a lot about is the Wonder Pore Freshner from Etude House. It is a toner that can be used to tone (duh), gently cleanse in the morning, or spray on to refresh during the day. It is supposed to balance the pH of your skin and control excess sebum (gross oil).

WHAT IS IT? According to Etude House The freshner is a “10-in-1 total pore solution freshener for intensive pore care. This Freshner balances pH levels, makes skin pure like baby skin, and prevents skin troubles caused by pH imbalance.” Sounds good to me! I decided to try it.


Adorable packaging

The 16oz bottle was about $17 and I ordered it from Amazon, but you can find it many places online including the Etude House website. The shipping took a month which was a long wait. I’m not sure if it would have been faster to order elsewhere but it comes from overseas (Korea), so that didn’t bother me too much.  It arrived about a month ago in this super cute powder blue packaging. The box has descriptions and instructions in both Korean and English.

WHAT WAS IN THE BOX? A 500 ml (16.90 fl.oz) bottle of freshener, a container of rectangle cotton pads, and three small samples of other products.


Free cotton pads. Sweet.

There really is no scent to this product, which for me is a great thing!  I have irritable skin so I need to be careful of which products I use to avoid breakouts. No fragrance means that it is suitable to a wider variety of skin and sensitivities.

My skin is oily/combination – oily through the T-zone and normal to dry around the rest. I use this twice a day; over my whole face in the morning and through my T-zone at night. I found that if I use it twice on the drier areas of my face they can become a little too dry – but not tight. However, it works well to control my oily areas.

The package says it all, it is definitely cool and refreshing! There is no stinging, astringent feeling to it and it dries lightly with no tightness at all. My skin looks brighter and feels smoother. An added bonus is that it does seem to remove any stubborn dirt or makeup that my cleanser didn’t.


Little samples

Far and away the thing I like most about this product is the pump. It makes it really easy to get just the right amount without getting it everywhere! You just place your cotton pad on the spout and press down to dispense. Since the cotton pad is there to absorb there is less chance of spill. The bottle is large and with such a precise dispenser I doubt I’ll be running out any time soon.

There was one thing that wasn’t so great about it. It had absolutely no effect on the size or visibility of my pores. Minimizing the appearance of the pores is something it claims to do and one of the reasons I wanted to try this toner.


Pump action!


  • Pleasant cooling sensation
  • Cleans skin well
  • Controls excess oil
  • Awesome pump!


  • May be too much for dry skin
  • No pore minimizing effect
  • Long wait for shipping

WHAT’S THE VERDICT? Overall, I like this toner and I will probably purchase it again when I run out. I can’t say if it’s a holy grail product just yet – I’ll continue using it for a few more weeks first – but it is definitely looking good so far.

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