Review: Joico Moisture Recovery

As a natural haired curly girl, making sure my hair is moisturized is priority number one. I am always in search of the perfect hair care routine and the perfect products that will keep my hair looking and feeling amazing. I have thick, 4C, low porosity hair so healthy, moisturized, and well maintained hair is a must for me but sometimes it’s a struggle.

I also have my son’s hair to maintain. He is textured differently than me (3B/3C) and up until recently had thick curly hair down to his waist. Needless to say this household sees a lot of different products. I’m always trying to find something that works for both of us but that’s not always possible.

Usually, I look for products that are specifically geared toward curly/kinky hair, but I know that many naturals have success with other products. I heard about Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner from one of my favorite Natural Hair Vloggers on YouTube and decided to give it a try. I purchased the set from Amazon for about $18 but you can also find in stores like Ulta.

WHAT IS IT? One shampoo (10.1oz) and one conditioner (10.1oz)


Wash Day Duo

Both the shampoo and conditioner have a light, pleasant, smell to them. I appreciate that because a lot of products I’ve tried for “Afro textured” hair have strong  and usually not appealing scents (All my 90’s kid Blue Magic sisters know what I’m talking about). The shampoo and the conditioner are smooth and creamy in consistency and lather beautifully. I used these products on my hair and also on my older son’s (King August) also super thick hair.

The Shampoo: I placed this directly to the scalp and used the pads of my fingers to rub the dirt and product buildup out, then let the rest of hair be cleansed by rinsing. On my son’s head this method cleansed his scalp and his hair with no issues. On my head it cleansed my scalp easily but left my hair immediately and noticeably dry – major bummer.

The Conditioner: I placed a generous amount of conditioner on the shaft of the hair beginning from the tips, let sit for a few minutes and then rinsed thoroughly. On my son’s head this left his hair feeling SUPER soft, detangled, and had his curls boing-ing and bouncing all over the place! On my head it softened and replaced some moisture to my hair and provided some much-needed slip to the detangling process.

My hair didn’t come out as soft as my sons when I used the shampoo as well. I tried only using the conditioner as a co-wash with excellent results! I had fully moisturized and defined coils. Basically, this conditioner is MAGIC.


The King and I


  • Conditioner works for multiple hair types
  • Shampoo cleanses effectively
  • Conditioner is great for co-washing
  • Smells pleasant


  • Shampoo can be drying on some textures


WHAT’S THE VERDICT?: These products seems to work best for my son’s 3B/3C hair. The shampoo cleans dirt and debris with ease and the conditioner softens and moisturizes so much after only a minute! The shampoo dried out my 4C  hair but the conditioner is the stuff of dreams. Since it works for both of us it will become a (semi) permanent staple in our lineup. I will continue to use the shampoo on my son’s hair but I definitely not be using it on my hair again.

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