Artis Brush Dupe Review

If you are into makeup and you’ve been on the internet in the past year, you have probably seen the Artis Makeup Brushes. They are all over the place right now and the hype surrounding these brushes is insane.


The ten piece set directly from the Artis website is $355. WHAT?! Yes, FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS for a set of makeup brushes. These super fancy brushes have their own cleaning system and are touted for their amazing ability to flawlessly blend and smooth makeup.

I will say, I’ve seen the results of these brushes and they DO give a flawless finish. But are they worth the $355 price tag? I’m going to say no.

41AMQkCWEDLAfter seeing these brushes all over the internet and damn near every makeup tutorial on YouTube, I decided I really needed to try them. Uhem – But you know a girl is not about that $400 for a makeup toothbrush life! NO!

I found these Artis Brush Dupes on Amazon for $29.99. It is a ten piece set of dense brushes in varying sizes. They look and feel very similar to the original and I honestly feel they give pretty much exactly the same results.

I use color corrector under my foundation and always had a hard time keeping it from moving when I applied my foundation. I used to set the corrector before applying anything over it to keep it in place. Imagine my surprise when trying these brushes quickly for the first time that I didn’t need to set my corrector first! The brushes have such a light, soft touch that they smoothed my foundation right over the orange concealer with no problems.


 The set that I bought from Amazon was from Unimiex but there are many different dupes you can find. It didn’t come with a cleaning system like the fancy set but I just clean them the same way I do all my other brushes. I haven’t had any problems so far.

If you’ve been thinking about trying the Artis Professional Makeup brushes but the price tag is troubling then I would definitely suggest going for a cheaper dupe. I love these brushes, I prefer the black handles tot he silver ones, and you really can’t beat quality results for a much smaller price tag.

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