Welcome to The Lovely Deep.

I am the resident progenitrix. I go by many names and I wear many hats but for the sake of simplicity – most people call me Jenna. I am a twenty-something living in southern California with my husband, and mother of three boys.

The Lovely Deep is a place to find reviews of books, movies, television, games and products.

Aside from being a mom and wife, I am a student in college. I’m studying Communications and Film/Tv/Radio. I’m an aspiring writer and one day I’d love to write and direct TV or movies. I am big into SciFi/Fantasy (think Doctor Who, Supernatural, Star Trek and anything with Witches). So basically, a nerd.

Yes, I am a HUGE nerd. Stick around for five minutes and you will be sure of it. I love reading and books (I’ll be sure to keep you updated on what I read). Game nights are a thing I enjoy! Tabletop games, card games, video games and the like. Be prepared to learn all about the awesome games that I play. I may also mention plenty of other (probably geeky) things not listed in this short intro.

If you have any questions, comments, or inquiries please address them to: Jenna@TheLovelyDeep.com

Well, enough about me (for now). Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy The Lovely Deep.

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